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Motor Harness, brackets and carriers

At BLyacht, boat seller, dealer and nautical product store at Quebec, get BL low prices on hundreds of marine products for boats. Motor Harness, brackets and carriers.

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Motor Caddy outboard harness by Davis
  • CAD $39.55
    CAD $30.45
    24% rebate
Panther Outboard Motor Bracket 12hp max.
  • CAD $233.30
Panther outboard motor bracket max 30hp
  • CAD $368.95
Sea-Dog 8hp motor bracket rail mount
  • CAD $40.60
Titan Outboard Motor Stand / Carrier
  • CAD $195.95
Ultra-compact Foldable Outboard Carrier with wheels.
  • CAD $180.55
    CAD $163.90
    10% rebate